LinkedIn Leads Review – eBook and Video Guide To Getting More Leads

LinkedIn Leads Review

LinkedIn Leads Review - The 21 eBook And Video Guide To Getting More Leads

Social media has become essential for every business, especially for an online one.

Social media allows businesses to brand themselves and let people know about promotions, special offers, etc.

LinkedIn is the #1 Professional Network, as all Fortune companies are LinkedIn members. 80 Million professionals, business owners and decision makers.

Don’t miss this HUGE MARKET!

LinkedIn is the #1 platform for B2B sales so if your business sales to other businesses you absolutely need to use LinkedIn.

Check out what this study found when it analyzed 100,000 posts spread across four major social networks...

LinkedIn Leads Review

LinkedIn is hands down the best b2b social networking platform

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What is LinkedIn leads?

LinkedIn Leads Review

LinkedIn Leads is a social media guide to get targeted and high quality leads (for free) from LinkedIn created by Zoe Kennedy and Matt Bacak.

They share 21 videos explaining the ninja tricks they’ve used to have what they say is a UNFAIR advantage over their competitors.

Once you’ve learned what they have to share with you, you’ll get targeted and high-quality free leads from LinkedIn!

Zoe Kennedy LinkedIn Expert shares her top 21 ways to get more leads so you can scale up your own business.

This is the most up to date information on LinkedIn as she reveals the strategies she has used in her own business to cash in each month!

What do you get with your order?

All orders receive the 21 videos explaining how to set your business on fire, a profitable bonus report from, Matt Bacak on how to reach over 347,000,000 LinkedIn Members with paid advertising on LinkedIn called LinkedIn Advertising Formula.

The price for this is only $8.66. As you can see it's very cheap, however, there are two up-sales in case you want them.

I will explain the cost and what they offer below.

Up Sales​

LinkedIn Leads Review

LinkedIn Leads OTO: Is an extra eBook and video complimenting the main offer, I would say it's essential if you want to get the best out of this product.

With this up-sale the total amount would be $36.02.

Bacak Live - Bootleg Recording: This is an audio recording of him talking live explaining the whole process (in my opinion not essential but a nice addition to the package).

LinkedIn Citations: This is a service you can hire and it really is something not many people would need unless you are running a local business.

Citations are a critical element in the way Google and Bing/Yahoo! rank websites in their algorithms.

Businesses with a larger number of citations will most likely rank higher than businesses with minimal citations, all else equal.

In addition, the Moz Local Ranking Factors site citations from high authority websites such as, and Angieslist aid in the Search Engines categorizing your business information correctly.

Here's a small business guide to citations on LinkedIn.​


LinkedIn is a social networking platform you can't pass on, and LinkedIn Leads is a great way to jump start your business on LinkedIn especially if your business is B2B (business to business) oriented.

It helps you get more leads and sales by implementing the techniques shared on the eBook and videos.

So, why don't you give it a try and let me know what did you think about it, click on the link below to access the main page.​

If you have tried LinkedIn Leads before, let us know what your experience was and if you liked the information provided in the eBook and videos.

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