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The Ideal Content Curation Practice

Top 3 Best Content Curation Tools

Has your content marketing hit a speed bump?

Writing new and relevant content is where most content marketing departments tend to focus, however, you don't need to always come up with completely original content.

In fact, let's define what "original" means.


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, original defines as:

A document, film, painting, etc., which is created by someone and from which a copy or translation is made​

Another definition is:

A person who is different from other people in an appealing or interesting way​

Having these definitions in mind we can easily say that curating content is taking a piece of existing content and use it as a template to create our own "original" content.

Embedding our personality in the article will allow us to create something that will easily resonate with our audience deepening our relationship with them.

Using content curation for social media marketing like a PRO

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Having said that.

Here're the 3 best tools to use for content curation:

1. FrontPageit

content curation tools

FrontPageit - Content Curation Website

FrontPageit is a tool that allows you to read only the best articles.

Here's how it works:

FrontPageit filters out social network noise and click-bait headlines, that way users only read quality content from expert curators.

Stories and articles are expertly categorized around the most popular and relevant topics.

Instead of relying on algorithms to aggregate content, users curate it.

Users can also choose their own experts: the top five percent of all nominees are invited to become a FrontPageit curator.

2. Sniply

Content Curation Tools - Content Curation Website turns your shared articles into more traffic for your site.

Let me explain how it works a little bit more.

​This awesome app attaches a call-to-action to every link you share.

You can link back to pretty much any kind of content, you may link back to an article on your website/blog, maybe an event page, landing page, squeeze page, a shopping cart, etc., you name it! you can share it.

Use the power of viral content to your advantage and these tools to help you share it!

3. Zemanta

content curation tools

Zemanta - Content Curation Website

Zemanta aggregates and indexes your content for multiple content ad formats, including promoted in-stream ads, recommendations, sponsored content and in-text ads.

Its massive reach of 195 million plus people (from the US) helps you precisely reach a targeted audience with your content.

And unlike other paid distribution solution (yes, this is a paid method), Zemanta's bounce rate and time-on-site are in line with organic traffic.

Now the next tool isn't really a content curation one but, It will help you promote your content even further.

Sumome's ​Discover App

content curation tools

Sumome's Discover App

If you are already using SumoMe on your site, all you have to do is install the discover app and activate it, after that just tweak your setting to your liking and needs.

It works by letting SumoMe figure out where your content fits best and features your articles or sites on other SumoMe sites, driving free traffic back to you.

Sounds pretty cool right? and it is! I've started using it on other sites and I've got to say that it works really great! I've gotten a boost of 30% on the visits to my sites on average.

This has lead to more leads and ultimately sales!​ And who wouldn't want more sales right?

Try these tools and let me know what you think about them.

Are you already using them?​

And even more important than that, are you curating content already?​

Let​ me know in the comments below.

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