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Our team of skilled marketers will help you build assets that continuously attract new people, nurture prospects, generate leads, and make more sales for your business.

Our Content Creation Process

Here is the process we'll follow once we sign the contract.

First Meeting

After we sign the contract, we'll set up a call to discuss your audience, campaign goals, KPIs, and more.

Content Strategy

After our meeting, we'll create a content strategy to achieve our goals and meet our KPIs.

Content Research

Once we have the strategy we'll follow, we'll research specific questions for your project. These questions will include content across the entire funnel to have a complete strategy.

Question Selection

We'll send you a list of questions to choose from to get started with content creation. These will include branded and non-branded questions and content across all funnel stages.

Content Drafting

We research content, outline answers, create a draft, and review all answers for grammar errors, to follow your company's tone of voice, and to ensure they comply with Quora's policies.

Content Review

When your content is finished, we'll send it to you for review. If you have feedback, we'll implement it before moving on to the next stage. We'll repeat this step up to three times to ensure it is up to your standards.

Content Publishing

Once we finish with revisions and you are happy with all your content, we'll proceed to publishing, giving your content proper formating and ensuring we comply with Quora's policies.

Content Analysis

As soon as we have content published, we'll constantly analyze it to ensure it's not collapsed or deleted. If it is, we'll fix it. We'll also analyze growth, optimization opportunitites, and that we meet KPIs.

Why work with us

We are a global company that enables brands to build assets that continuously attract new customers, nurture them, generate more leads, and ultimately make more sales.

Broad Experience

We've worked on over 3,000 Quora answers in both B2C and B2B.

We Know How To Sell

We've worked on both organic and paid campaigns so we know how to write content that converts.

Content Performance

We have experience in SEO so our content consistently ranks on Google and Quora.

Client Reviews

Jonathan is a pleasure to work with. He is timely and diligent. He creates processes for new projects to increase efficiency and utilizes technology well for efficient communication given difference in our time zones.

It is evident he is always learning to improve his professional knowledge. I highly recommend working with him!

Ayelet HaShachar Penrod

Security Awareness Community Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan for a year. During this time, I witnessed his exceptional talent as a content writer and his significant contributions to our team.

Jonathan's expertise is truly impressive. His meticulous research ensured our content was engaging and highly visible. This enabled us to strategize, prioritize, and most importantly, create content that impacted our KPIs.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jonathan. I am confident that he will exceed your expectations and make a significant contribution to your success.

Jake McMahon

Head of Product Marketing

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See the most asked questions

How long does it take you to finish each Quora answer?

Turnaround is usually around 10 Quora answers per week. However, it may take longer depending on how long it takes you to finish providing content revisions and approvals.

What happens if I'm not happy with the content I received?

When you receive your content, you'll have time to review it. And if you are not happy with the content received, we'll go with up to three rounds of revisions.

Is the content provided AI produced?

Yes and no. AI has become the norm these days for producing content at scale, however, there are many issues with automatically generated content.

We do use AI to help us write content faster but we don't use it to automatically generate all content. We use AI as an assistant rather than being the actual writer.

We always have an actual person producing content and we have editors review all content generated by AI.

Are your witers native English speakers?

Yes and no. We do have native English speakers, however, not all our writers' navite language is English.

Having said that, all our writers have a minimum proficiency level of C1 as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

So, you can rest assured that you content will be of high quality.

C1 level means the speaker is able to confidently conduct business at a high level. In other words, it's a higher level of education.

And C2 (the highest level) means the speaker is able to tackle any topic, conduct business at a high level, and speak just like a native would.