Quora is a powerful platform for marketing and building thought leadership, but it's important to use it the right way.

In this post, we'll cover 5 critical mistakes you must avoid when using Quora for business or personal brand.

If you ignore these mistakes, it could result in your content getting collapsed or you getting banned from the platform altogether.

Having said that, let's dive in.


Avoid publishing too much content at once

Publishing a lot of content isn’t really an issue because it goes against Quora’s terms of service. It is a problem because if you publish a lot of content, and that content has violations on it, you’ll risk multiple infractions in a short period of time. And as a result, your content will get collapsed or, in the worst case scenario, you could get banned.

So stay on the safe side and publish one or two answers per day max.

Avoid linking to your website too much

This is a mistake I see all the time. People go on Quora and because they can control how many links they add on their answers, they add many links to their website.

And the problem is that Quora has systems in place to record and categorize these types of actions. What I mean is, this will make it so your domain is associated with spam. And every time you link to it, you’ll risk your content getting collapsed.

A solution to this is to only link to your website when it actually makes sense. For example:

  • When you mention a blog post or a video on your website,
  • When you want to share a guide that goes more in-depth into a topic,
  • Or when you have a call to action to download a guide, an app, or something like that.

Avoid linking to the same page over and over again

One thing that you need to get familiar with is the concept of link diversity. What this means is, you should have links on your answer that link to data, statistics, and other resources that back up your claims.

This will make it so you link to more domains beyond just your website. Just don’t overdo it, two to five links per answer should be fine.

Avoid using the same images in multiple Quora answers

I’ve said this multiple times in previous videos but, you should never use the same images in multiple answers in a short period of time. And the reason for this is because if you do it, you’ll trigger Quora’s spam algorithm.

So make sure to use different images for all your answers and you’ll be fine.

Avoid having too many calls to action

There’s a concept that’s called “decision paralysis.” According to reclaim ai...

Reclaim AI

“Decision paralysis is the inability to decide out of fear of making the wrong choice or being overwhelmed by too many options.”

And that’s what we want to avoid, overwhelming our readers by having too many calls to action. So, just focus on one CTA per answer and you’ll be fine.

My final thoughts (TLDR)

There are plenty of effective strategies you can use to use Quora for marketing. However, it's crucial that you adhere to Quora’s terms of service and policies.

If you break the rules, you’ll risk having your content collapsed or even getting banned from Quora entirely.

To stay on the safe side and ensure the longevity of your Quora presence, follow these 5 key principles:

  • Avoid publishing too much content at once,
  • Avoid linking to your website too much,
  • Avoid linking to the same page over and over again,
  • Avoid using the same images in multiple Quora answers,
  • And avoid having too many calls to action.

Follow these tips, and you'll be on your way to building a sustainable, effective Quora marketing strategy that keeps you in Quora's good graces.

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