How To Find The Best Questions To Answer On Quora

Quora has become a go-to platform for people seeking answers to their burning questions. As a knowledgeable person, you have the opportunity to share your expertise and make a meaningful impact by providing valuable insights on Quora.

However, with countless questions being asked every day, identifying which questions are worth your time and effort is overwhelming.

In this blog post, I will guide you through the process of finding the best questions to answer on Quora.

While there are many ways to discover potential questions, we will focus on the most effective methods. This will maximize your chances of reaching a wider audience and showcasing your expertise.

You will learn how to identify high-demand queries that resonate with users and offer valuable insights.

Whether you are an industry expert looking to establish thought leadership, get more leads, and make more sales or simply someone passionate about sharing knowledge, this guide will help you navigate through the vast sea of questions on Quora and find those that truly matter.

Let’s get started.


Choose Your Approach

Again, there are many ways to find questions to answer on Quora but there are two main ways I like to find the best questions to answer.

  • Questions that are already ranking and getting traffic from Google.
  • Questions that don’t exist on Quora but people actively search for.

How To Find Quora Questions That Get Traffic From Google

The first thing you need is an ahrefs account. Ahrefs is an online platform that provides many SEO tools for analyzing competitors, auditing and optimizing your website, finding keywords your customers are searching for, discovering content ideas and link opportunities, and tracking your ranking progress.

And that's what we want, we want to check which questions rank on Google.

1) Search For Quora On Ahrefs

After you create your Ahrefs account, search for in the website explorer.

Search for in the website explorer to find the best questions to answer on Quora.

2) Look For The “Top Pages” Tool

Click “Top pages” to see Quora's ranking pages. It’s located on the left side of the dashboard, under the “Organic Search” menu.

Image shows Ahref's overview dashboard and it shows you need to click "Top pages" under the "Organic search" menu.

3) Use Filters To Narrow Your Search

Use filters to remove pages you don’t want to see and find specific questions. For example, questions about marketing tools, flip books, cooking recipes, etc.

Image shows Ahref's filters on the "top pages" tool, highlighting the "All locations" and "+ keyword filters" filters.


I recommend setting your preferred location to avoid getting tons of unrelated results and then using “Position” and “Keywords” filters. You can find them under “+ Keyword filters”.

Position will show you all the ranking pages that are within the set criteria. For example, From: 0 - To: 5.

Image shows Ahref's "Position" filter on the "top pages" tool.

Use the keywords and phrases you want to see on ranking pages. Use “All” to get pages that cover all keywords and phrases mentioned.

Image shows Ahref's keyword filter on the "top pages" tool.

For example, if you use the filter “Any” and type the keywords “best, TV, OLED”, you’ll get results that mention any of those keywords:

  • I am confused between LG OLED A2 (48 inches) and Sony X74K (55 inches), both are offered in similar price ranges on Amazon Sale. Which one should I go with?
  • Is the LG OLED C3 the best option for gaming among 60-inch TVs?
  • Do different models of LG's OLED TV differ in performance/quality from each other?

“Any” is ideal for getting a wide array of results that don’t necessarily include all the keywords you mention but some. In my experience, you’ll want to use “Any” to expand your organic campaign.

And if you use the filter “All” with the same keywords, you’ll get results that mention all of the keywords in the list:

  • Which is the best OLED TV?
  • What is the best brand for an OLED Smart TV?
  • What makes Samsung's S95B OLED 4K TV the best overall choice, according to experts?

“All” is perfect for getting a narrow list of results that include all your keywords. In my experience, you’ll want to use “All” to create targeted organic campaigns.

4) Export Your Results And Share Them

Export your results into a CSV or into Google Sheets. Whatever is better for you.

Then choose the questions you want to answer and send them to your writer.

That’s it. That’s all you have to do.

How To Find Questions That People Want To Know The Answers To

To find the questions people are asking on Google but don’t exist on Quora, you’ll need an Answer The Public account.

Answer The Public is a platform that allows you to see what people are searching for on Google. The way it works is, you enter the name of a brand, a topic, or a product name and then ATP shows you everything people are searching for on Google.

Pretty simple, right?

So, here’s the step by step process you need to follow:

1) Enter Your Search Criteria

Select the language and region you want to search in. Then enter your topic on the search bar. For example, “leaking pipe”.  Then click “Search”.

Image shows Answer The Public's search bar with the search term "leaking pipe".

2) Analyze the results you get

Focus on the results that are getting traffic from Google and turn them into questions.

Image shows related searches for "leaking pipe" on Google through Answer The Public.

For example, take a look at the image above. There are three searches that are getting good traffic.

  • how to stop leaking pipe | Volume: 480
  • how to fix leaking pipe under sink | Volume: 720
  • how to fix leaking pipe under bathtub | Volume: 210
  • how to fix leaking pipe joint | Volume: 390

All you have to do is turn them into questions like this:

  • How do I stop a leaking pipe?
  • How do I fix the leaking pipe under the sink?
  • How do I fix the leaking pipe under the bathtub?
  • How do I fix leaking pipe joints?

3) Open New Questions On Quora

Image shows how you can add your own questions to Quora.

The last step is to open your new questions on Quora. However, I recommend doing this only after you already have the answer to the question to avoid having other people answer the question first. If they do, you’ll have more competition on the answer rankings.


Quora is an invaluable platform for people and businesses alike to establish thought leadership, generate leads, and make sales. However, with the vast number of questions available on the platform, it can be overwhelming to determine which ones to answer.

However, SEO tools like Ahrefs help navigate through Quora's sea of questions. Whether you are an industry expert looking to showcase your knowledge or simply someone passionate about sharing information, following the steps above will make it easy to find the best questions to answer.

Having said that, once you find the questions you want to answer, you’ll have to write responses that will help you meet your business goals.

Here are a few guides I recommend you check and implement to have the highest chances of success:

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