How To Improve Your Quora Answers To Get More Views

Did you know that one of the biggest challenges Quora users face is getting their answers noticed?

A lot of people write tons of answers on Quora and don't get any views.

But what if you could write answers that people actually read and share?

Well, you are in luck because I’ve been writing Quora answers since 2019 and in that time, I’ve written over 2,000 answers and my answers have consistently received millions of views.

Image shows my Quora user profile with 36.4 million views and 203,200 views this month

So today I’ll share with you 6 things you can do right now to improve your Quora answers so you can get more views.

Let’s get started.


1) Answer The Question Asked

I’ve said this before but Quora wants to see answers that are helpful to anyone who wants to know the answer to the question.

So unlike on blog posts where you have an introduction that eases into the main content, Quora is more direct.

On Quora you need to get into the meat of the content right away. Quora is like an in-between a social media post and a blog post.

A social media post in a sense that it’s informal and to the point. And a blog post because you have to delve deeper into the topic.

So avoid wasting time and answer the question right away.

2) Provide Reusable Knowledge

A good answer has facts and insights that are general and reusable. And this is to say that an answer is not the most helpful if it only helps one person with specific circumstances not listed in the question.

In situations like this one, citing your own opinion or view is fine, but if you think your opinion is the right answer to the question, then you should explain your point-of-view.

The best answers to a general question sometimes cover many different cases with conditions (for example, "if you're tall, I recommend X, and if you're short, I recommend Y").

Another example of reusable knowledge is creating step by steps. Steps are perfect for letting people know how to do something and it can be replicated by anyone who reads your answer.

3) Support Your Quora Answers With Rationale

Helpful answers typically assume that the question is implicitly asking "Why?", even if it doesn't say so explicitly.

This means that you should include a convincing rationale so that the reader can understand why the answer is correct.

For example, see how in this answer, this person immediately addresses the topic of the question and supports it rationally.

Image shows an example of a Quora answer that immediately answers the question asked, links to a goverment website to back up its claim, and links to a page where people can find all the details covered in that section of the answer

In this case, by linking to a government website where people can corroborate his point of view.

Then he mentions how “it’s not a rip off” by sharing how the company keeps funds safe. And lastly, he links to the page where they cover all those details.

4) Demonstrate Credibility And Factual Accuracy

Answers can demonstrate credibility in a number of ways, for example, you can provide reliable sources, or you can list good examples and explain why you have the expertise or first-hand experience in the subject.

Ideally, writers should indicate why they're qualified to answer the question.

See how Payoneer does it.

Image shows an example of how this is a branded question, it links to third-party sources backing up claims, and it shows a repeatable step by step process

First of all, the question is about how to cash out CSGO skins into a Payoneer account. The question is literally about them!

So, who is more qualified to answer a question about how to do something on Payoneer’s platform than themselves?

Secondly, Payoneer links to pages where you can find instructions on how to do the same process depending on the service you are using. This immediately shows that the information they are sharing is factually correct.

5) Make Sure Your Answers Are Clear And Easy To Read

One big problem we see all the time is people who write very long paragraphs with complicated language.

Mobile traffic makes up ¾s of Quora visits so imagine trying to read giant blocks of text on your phone. It’s not a great experience.

Instead, make sure your answers are broken down into short paragraphs. Use two or three sentences and then break into the next section.

6) Make Sure Your Quora Answers Are Enjoyable To Read

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is only writing text.

When we read for long periods of time, our eyes get fatigued so we need to add other forms of stimulus that don’t require us to focus so much on small letters.

For example, see how I do it in this answer.

Image shows an example of a Quora answer with short paragraphs and bold text to highlight key information
  • I use short paragraphs to make it easy to read,
  • I use bolded text to make sure people who want to skim the answer are able to understand it without having to read everything,
  • I use images to show what I’m talking about,
  • I use bullet points to list important information,
  • And I provide links to the resources I talk about in the answer.

All of these things combined make it for a much better experience and as a result, this answer has gotten over 4 million views.

Closing Thoughts

Alright, now you know exactly what you need to know to improve your Quora answers. So if you do them all, I guarantee your answers will perform much better.

Just focus on how you can provide the best experience for your readers and you’ll do well on Quora.

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