One of the most frustrating experiences for Quora users is pouring time and effort into writing the best possible answer, only to find that it is not displayed. It can be disheartening to see your hard work pass unnoticed or seemingly disappear into thin air.

There are various reasons why your answer is not visible on Quora, and in this blog post, we will explore some of these possibilities.

Let’s get started.


Why am I not seeing my answer on Quora?

If you're not seeing your answer on Quora, it could be due to the platform's collapse policy.

Quora follows a key principle that aims to make pages more helpful for people interested in a particular question. This means that answers may be collapsed if they do not contribute effectively to the overall value and relevance of the page.

To ensure your answer is visible on Quora, it's essential to provide valuable and insightful information that directly addresses the question being asked.

Avoid posting irrelevant or low-quality content that does not add value to the discussion.

Quora strives to maintain a high standard of quality and usefulness for its users, so make sure your answer is well-written, informative, and aligns with the topic at hand.

By adhering to these guidelines, you increase your chances of having your answer displayed prominently on Quora, providing value to those seeking information or insights.

Having said that, if your answer is not visible on Quora, it’s probably due to one of the following reasons.

1) There’s an image violation

Before I discuss images, I want to highlight Quora's actions that contradict their policies. So it’s fair to say their stance on this has changed slightly over the last year.

All of that out of the way, here’s what you need to know about images:

Image attribution

Adding a source for images

All images taken from third party websites should include proper attribution.

Memes are forbidden

This is the policy I mentioned. I've seen more and more memes showing up on my timeline so instead of removing them, Quora is promoting them.

Having said that, image-only and video-only answers, and answers containing meme images are supposed to be forbidden on Quora.

If answers include a meme picture and/or are short and include a humorous image or video that isn't very helpful to someone interested in learning the answer to the question, they collapse it.

Adult images and videos are forbidden

Adult images and videos (including graphic violence and sex-related media) are only allowed on adult Spaces and pages involving adult topics and which have been tagged with the appropriate Quora Adult topic(s).

This will limit distribution to users who have actively opted in to seeing such content.

Graphic violence is forbidden

Images and videos of extreme graphic violence (or links to such images/videos) are only allowed if…

  • They do not glorify violence
  • And they are clearly helpful and necessary to the answer

Questions that specifically ask for pictures of graphic violence must have the Adult Content on Quora topic tag applied.

2) Affiliations are not disclosed

Affiliation disclaimer on Quora

To help people interpret answers, relevant affiliations should be included in the answer text or in the author's credentials.

For example, if a user writes an answer about his own company or product, the answer (or topic-specific credential) should clarify the user's affiliation with the company.

This disclosure can be brief and does not need to be separated, as long as it is clear.

A relevant affiliation is any involvement that a reasonable observer would think is significant for interpreting the user's views in an answer.

3) There’s a review violation

Product and service reviews play a crucial role in helping consumers make informed decisions about products or services they are interested in.

Whether it's on popular platforms like Quora or other review websites, these inputs provide valuable insights into others' experiences with a particular business, product, or service.

However, when someone violates the guidelines for writing reviews, it can negatively impact the overall credibility and usefulness of these reviews.

So Quora must maintain the integrity of this system by ensuring genuine reviews that reflect real experiences.

To ensure this, Quora has specific views on reviews:

  • The review should state the basis for any opinions expressed
  • The review should be based on the writer's actual experience
  • The review should disclose if the writer is affiliated with the party being reviewed or a competitor, or received monetary compensation or other reward for posting

If you violate these guidelines, Quora may remove your review. To avoid this, follow the three points above and you’ll be fine.

4) There’s content without attribution

Content taken from thrid party websites should be properly attributed

When using external content, it is essential to explicitly attribute the original source. It is also essential to clearly indicate which portions of the text have been copied or paraphrased. This practice shows respect for the original author's work and ensures transparency and integrity in sharing information.

Furthermore, citing sources prevents plagiarism and copyright infringement issues that can arise from the unauthorized use of someone else's work.

In short, answers and posts that copy or paraphrase content from other sources should:

Explicitly attribute the source. If the source is online, you should include a link to the page where the content can be found. If it is a physical source (e.g., a book), you should include a citation.

Clearly indicate which portions of the text are copied from another source. Format using block quotes, quotes, or visually indicate which portions are taken from elsewhere.

5) Your answer doesn’t answer the question

Your answer doesn’t answer the question

When providing an answer on Quora, it is crucial to ensure that the response directly addresses the question asked.

A well-written answer should not misinterpret the question language or respond to a different question altogether. However, it is acceptable for an answer to challenge the premise in the question instead of directly answering it.

If you stay focused on the original question and provide relevant insights, you’ll demonstrate your expertise and provide valuable information for those seeking answers.

Remember, Quora is a platform where users find specific solutions or learn about a particular topic. So, it's essential to respect their intent by delivering accurate and meaningful responses that align with their inquiries.

6) You share other restricted content

When it comes to restricted content, there are certain things to address carefully. These include but are not limited to sensitive topics such as hate speech, explicit or adult content, harassment, or any form of illegal activity.

If for whatever reason you want to engage in those topics, you need caution and respect.

There are other topics that don’t fall into the “problematic topics” category but still require caution. So if you want to tackle topics that involve…

  • Alcohol
  • Dating services
  • Subscription services
  • VPNs and proxy servers
  • Healthcare and medicine
  • Contests and sweepstakes

Check Quora’s policy to know what's allowed and what’s not (policies at the bottom). Otherwise, your content will continue to be collapsed or deleted on the platform.


One of the most frustrating experiences for Quora users is investing time and effort into writing the perfect answer, only to find that it is nowhere to be seen. However, there are ways to identify why your answer is not visible on Quora.

First, it's crucial to ensure that your answer adheres to Quora's community guidelines.

Quora has strict policies regarding content quality, relevance, and respect. If your answer contains inappropriate language, violates copyright laws, or promotes spam or self-promotion, it may be flagged and hidden.

Another reason for your answer not being visible could be formatting. Quora has specific guidelines for formatting answers such as using proper headings, bullet points, and clear paragraphs. If your answer is poorly formatted or difficult to read, it may not receive the visibility it deserves.

Lastly, consider the topic of your answer. Some Quora topics are considered “sensitive” and are not allowed. If you're providing an answer in a restricted category, there's a chance it will get collapsed or deleted.

To increase the chances of having your answers seen on Quora, make sure they are well-written with accurate information and follow community guidelines.

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