Review – Twitter Management on Steroids

This review was created with the purpose of helping you know everything related to the tool and make an educated desition.

Here's what you'll learn:​

  • What they have to offer.
  • How it can help you with your Twitter and Facebook management.
  • How it will improve the overall engagement in your accounts.

If you are interested in all of this, keep reading. It's going to be great =)


The Ultimate Review

What is is a (customer) relationship management tool for Twitter.

It automatically identifies influencers, supporters, and prospects.

After that, it helps you stay in touch and engaged with those people by notifiying you about important contact points and prompting you to re-engage if you neglect a relationship.

Each relationship is presented with its own context; quick stats on the number and type of engagements you have had and an immediately visible history of all those events. Pretty cool right?

Essentially, the tool helps you establish real connections and build relationships by acting as your social media assistant (basically an extremely cheap VA - virtual assistant).

From 0 to 20,000 visits/month

Hint: You can achieve this kind of results in about three months (or less).

From 0 to 20k Visits-Month

This FREE step-by-step guide will show you how to go from 0 to 20,000 monthly visitors every month, it includes the strategies I use to grow my website every month.

If you are already receiving 20,000 monthly visits, it will help you double your traffic. Dashboard Review

The dashboard is very neat and clean. You are one click away from the main features offered by, which makes your experience so much better.

Within the tool, you can find different tabs like:​

  • Actions​
  • Community
  • Leads
  • Campaigns
  • Reports

I will explain what you can  find in every tab and share with you examples on how you can use them.

So, keep reading 🙂


The actions tab is very neat and clean. It gives you quite a few possible actions, like:

  • Sharing your followers top tweets​.
  • People you might want to follow.
  • The ability to thank new followers.
  • Share the love (thanking people for being top value members in that week).
  • Consider to reply.

All of this actions are one or two-click tools, which is something I love so much (it makes engaging with my audience much easier).

For example, let's say that I want to share one of my follower's top tweets.

Here's how you'd do it:

Share Top Tweets review

As you can see on the image, once you've selected the tweet that you want to share, you click the retweet button and will immediately create your tweet for you.

Of course, you can edit this tweet if you want or share it as is on Twitter.

Also, integrates with Buffer for easy scheduling (one-click feature as well).​

Share The Love review - share the love feature

Share the love is a feature that helps you thank your followers for being top high-value members in any given week. This makes a huge difference when engaging your audience.

For example, when you mention someone on one of your tweets, you are acknowledging them for something.

That makes us feel good, special in a way. And that can make a huge impact on the engagement you receive from your audience.

Acknowledge your audience when they need to be, that makes us human

Click to Tweet

Thank New Followers review - TNF

Thanking new followers is a great way to start engaging with them, get to know them ​and show that you really care.

They could have followed somebody else, but, they decided to follow you.

Make it worth it for them.​

Thank people for following you, showing that you care makes a huge difference

Click to Tweet

Community Management

The community tab is the one I use the most, after all, connecting with my audience is what allows me to truly get to know them and to get link building opportunities.

Ok, cool.

Now, here's what you can do in this tab.

High-Value Members review - High-Value Members

The high-value members section allows you to see which are the people that are most important at the moment. Here's what I meant by that:

Whenever you spot your top engaged people, what you want to do is to actually talk to them, continue the conversation and get to know them even better. review

As you can see, this is very easy to do and has given me many great opportunities to interact with influencers and subsequentially, get link-building opportunities.

For example, I got to interact with John Carson from Pure Hearts International, he runs a non-profit, loved what I saw and decided to contact him.

Here's my interaction with him:

Twitter conversation

Remember this is social media marketing, which means that you need to be social, talk to people you find interesting, build relationships and grow from there.

Nowadays, ​SEO is all about relationships and that is why social media has become a key factor in your success.

Now that you know this, let me ask you something are you truly interacting with people?​

Monitoring review

Monitoring has helped me track my mentions, every time someone shares one of my links and get involved in a deeper level with my audience.

Also, this feature could be very helpful if you are running a contest.​ 😉

Community review - Community

The community section is where I spend most of my time when I utilize this tool, after all, here's where all the engagement happens (or, at least, most).

As you can see in the image above, in this section you can find:​

  • Prioritized feed
  • High-Value members
  • New unfollowers
  • New followers
  • Consider to unfollow
  • Consider to follow
  • Consider to reply
  • Unreplied direct messages
  • Consider to Re-engage
  • Not following back
  • Who mentioned me
  • Who retweeted me
  • Who favorite me
  • Share top tweets

I will not explain all of them, after all, their names are very explicit and make understanding a lot easier.

However, the prioritized feed is not as explicit as the rest.

So, let me explain it a little bit.

Prioritized Feed is where the top actions of the day are listed, meaning, what thinks is highly important for you to pay attention to.

For example, today it showed me people I should consider following, people who mentioned me, people that started following me and even those who unfollowed me. review

This particular feature has helped me concentrate on the top actions I need to take for my account and has saved many hours of frustrating manual work.

Groups review

Group management is very easy with this dashboard, you can add and remove people from existing groups or create new ones.

For example, if  you want to add a new group.

Here's how you do it: review - New Group 01

Groups on - New Group part 01 review - New Group 02

Ok, now let me tell you how lead generation works and how to monitor keywords.

Lead Generation review - lead generation

Lead generation is very easy to do. Honestly, I've tried many lead generation software for Twitter and most are very lacking and the ones that are great, are very expensive.

Which is why I was very thrilled when I tested this tool for the first time.​

Now, let me show you have lead generation works:​

There are three ways to find leads with this tool:

  • Mentions​
  • Job Titles
  • Competitors

Here's how you do it:


The way mentions work is by showing you people based on their recent tweets or most used hashtags. These are listed by relevance depending on the tweet itself.

Here's how you find new leads:​ review

After that, simply add the hashtags or keywords you want to discover.

If you want to find the best hashtags to target, I recommend you use

This tool gives you the all-time Top 10 hashtags related to #yourhashtag. review - discovering new leads

Job Titles

It works in a similar manner to mentions, however, in this case, it checks not only tweets but profiles in order to show results. And, they are added in the same manner as the previous example.


The competitor lead generator is very useful to find people that you know for a fact that are interested in your niche, after all, they are following your competitor and you can engage with them right away.

Here's how you find new leads through your competitors:​ review

Now, run a quick search on Twitter's search box with your niche keyword and add your competitors to the analysis tool. review

Once you save, you'll get a list of your competitor's followers. review

All you have to do now is engage with them and start following =)

Good and Bad

Just like with any other tool, there are good things and bad things that should be addressed.

Here's a list of the ones I consider to be of great importance:


  • Nice and clean design.
  • Easy access to all the features of the tool.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Connectivity with Buffer for easy scheduling.
  • Most of the features are 1-2 click actions.
  • Personalized reports.
  • Immediate suggestions on the course to take with your audience.


  • Lead generation is not automated 🙁
  • You need to save your credit card to start their free trial.


The overall pricing for the tool is very cheap in my opinion.

Here're the current plans they offer and what they bring to the table:


8 Team members

24 social profiles

Unlimited reports

Unlimited monitor items

Unlimited engagements

Unlimited custom groups

Unlimited followers analyzed

$139 / month


4 Team members

12 social profiles

Unlimited reports

Unlimited monitor items

Unlimited engagements

Unlimited custom groups

Unlimited followers analyzed

$39.99 / month


Most popular

2 Team members

6 social profiles

No ads

Unlimited monitoring and leads items

Unlimited engagements

$29 / month

The business plan is the one I have and to be honest, I don't need more than that.

It's like having a really cheap VA working for you 😉

Free Trial

The tool offers a 14-day free trial, you can cancel or downgrade at any time.

If you want to check out the tool, just click on the button below and start your free trial and even if you don't want to upgrade to the business plan, you can continue with the free account.

However, you'll be limited to 20 actions per day.

Still, it's a great tool to use and it tells you whom to engage with and when :)​

If you want to check out the business plan, I managed to get you a 50% off the annual plan. Just click on the button below 🙂

From 0 to 20,000 visits/month

Hint: You can achieve this kind of results in about three months (or less).

From 0 to 20k Visits-Month

This FREE step-by-step guide will show you how to go from 0 to 20,000 monthly visitors every month, it includes the strategies I use to grow my website every month.

If you are already receiving 20,000 monthly visits, it will help you double your traffic.

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Twitter management can be very time-consuming and somewhat hard to do, however, makes it so much easier and saves a ton of time.

If you want to try the tool, remember that they offer a 14-day free trial.

Having said that, I would never recommend it if you are not serious about using Twitter to engage with your audience and potential customers.

You can use the free version but to be completely honest, it's extremely limited. You can only do 20 actions per week...​

Still, it's worth using their free trial and triying it out for yourself.​

Now, I'd like to ask you something:

  • What Twitter management tool you are using?
  • Have you ever used Will you?

Let me know in the comments below :)​

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  • Emmerey Rose says:

    Awesome tool John! Makes twitter outreach faster. But don’t you think it’s making your connection/engagement very automated at some point?

    • I agree with you. If you use all of these features it can become too “automated”. The human factor will always be important, more than what most care to admit.

      That’s why you need to choose carefully which features you’ll use and how you’ll use them. For instance, you can use “thank new followers” to send a personalized tweet instead of the pre-written one and I would send it to one person only. Always use their name.

      In the end of the day, it really depends on how you use the tool.

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